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The purpose of our organization is to directly address the dire plight of the thousands of Jewish Cemeteries in Eastern Europe, most of which were abandoned with the destruction the once vibrant Jewish communities that they once served. The rapidly deteriorating conditions of the last resting places of so many Jews is an issue of great concern to a great many of their descendants throughout the world.

To this end we set forth our goals:

a) To protect, preserve, and restore Jewish Memorial Sites.

b) To search for, locate and identify Jewish Memorial Sites, including hitherto unknown mass graves and burial sites of Holocaust victims, needing preservation, protection, restoration and maintenance.

c) To provide advice, technical and financial assistance to organizations or institutions who are engaged in advancing the above activities.

Through our efforts to ensure the dignity and peace of the final resting place of so many of our fellow Jews – we are not only honoring our past – but also will help insure that their legacy shall be linked with our own for perpetuity.

We would like to extend our thanks to the following: